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Lubrico Oil International meets the needs of entire mineral oil sector with its approved quality and wide range of products. It meets the needs of automotive, industry and maritime market with a variety of products in excess of 200 manufactured in Turkey and Russia Factories of Lubrico including automotive lubricants, industrial lubricants, antifreeze, hydraulic brake oils and greases and it continuously develops its products on the basis of their demands. Lubrico Oil International continuously develops its technology and rapidly keeps on manufacturing new products in line with the needs of the sector. It takes part among the leading brands in the sector in the field of product development as a result of research and development works conducted with the world’s leading additives manufacturers. Lubrico Oil International serves to Public, Private Sector institutions, authorized and private automotive services, automotive spare part companies through its dealer channels in homeland and at abroad. Lubrico Project serves to the companies using initial filling oil or raw material in production of mineral oil through Project sales channel by determining the needs of institutions. Lubrico Oil International provides brand customized production service both to manufacturer and importer companies having a dealer network and to factories as the initial filling oil with its high service standard and International Product Approvals. Lubrico Oil International has completely established the infrastructure that will satisfy the expectations of consumers with the studies carried out in Turkey market. Lubrico Oil International aims to increase its market share every passing year by expanding its dealer network in Turkey market and rapidly continues its investments in this direction.

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